1. (very) Easy installation

    siteAdmin is a drag-and-drop flat-file system. Forget those heavy databases and time-consuming installations.

  2. Simple to use

    siteAdmin has been designed to be very clear and simple for the end user. It gives people the ability to make quick changes – helping them to keep their site up to date.

  3. Customizable

    Design and flexibility are our absolute priorities. Choose the color that matches the website and build the data structure according to your needs.

  4. Open Source

    siteAdmin is developed with open source technologies and that's exactly how it's distributed.

    PHP   Apache

  5. Major browsers support

    Tested and approved with all major browsers. Of course some are better, but no one is left out.

    All Major Browsers

  6. Developed with standards

    Everything we do is according to the W3C specifications, so all is future-proof.

    Valid XHTML   Valid CSS

  7. E-commerce ready

    We offer an easy to setup e-commerce storefront, integrated with Brazil's PagSeguro.

    View the demo website here.

  8. Low, one-time cost

    There are no on-going license costs. Pay a one-time low cost per domain that you wish to install siteAdmin on and you then install the software on your server. Just one simple price per domain.

  9. Multilingual

    Supports multi-language websites. Just create the fields and indicate the available languages for that page. The admin interface is already available in english and portuguese.