What's this about?

siteAdmin is a lightweight flatfile CMS.

It has been created for those situations where you, or your client, would like to be able to edit text on a website without having to develop or install a complex full out content management system. It’s an inexpensive and quick solution.

There are all sorts of very powerful large content management systems on the market, and lots of sophisticated blogging tools. siteAdmin is for small sites with simple content management needs.


You install siteAdmin on your own server, with our very simple installation process. We’ve designed siteAdmin to be easy to install on inexpensive hosting accounts so the requirements are very basic and most hosts offering PHP should work. You will need PHP 4 or higher and Apache's mod_rewrite enabled.

In order to resize images, you’ll need GD support on the server, which is very common.

About Oktala

siteAdmin is brought to you by Oktala, a communications agency specialized in web development. Oktala has been building custom CMS solutions since 2001 and has accumulated a lot of experience in this subject – in fact we also have our own fully-featured CMS solution, Avalanche. However, we know that not every website needs a full-blown CMS solution, so we have developed siteAdmin for these situations where a simpler solution is more appropriate. That way you only pay for what you really need.

If you need something more than siteAdmin offers, want us to install it for you, or want us to design and develop a personalized site all together then visit our site and get in touch — we’d be happy to chat with you and send you a proposal. We also offer other graphic design services such as logo design, banners, folders, flyers, outdoors, publications, 3D animations, and more. Check out our online portfolio.