Install Instructions

Extract the siteAdmin zip

Once logged in you will be able to download the software. Save the zip file somewhere on your computer and unzip it. That should be your "siteadmin" folder inside your main website folder. Just navigate into it.


Inside the siteadmin folder you will find a file called config.php. Edit only the config.php file to adjust any basic configuration, like the color theme, and insert your username in the corresponding variable name.


Create an empty file and name it to create usernames and passwords to the administrators of the website (one user per line, ex: user:pass). Move it to the root folder of the server (hidden to public).

Assign Permissions

Give read and write permission to the files and data folders and to all its contents.

There are many ways to set these permissions. One way is to use your shell access and to execute the following from the root folder:

chmod 757 files/
chmod 757 data/

Go ahead and setup your database.

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