Setup the database

Refer to the DATABASE BUILDER page to get started.

Available field types:

First create any desired folders inside the files and data folders. The data folder containing a .sup extension will turn into "super folders" (meaning they can be writable).

Create empty flatfiles (without extension) inside the data folder. Files with an .one extension can only contain one item and may be used for blogging.

Edit files with any simple text editor writing the desired fieldnames in one line separated by a comma and a space. Use any of the available field types termination to add special features to the field.

Fields with no specific termination will be rendered as a plain textarea.


Language especific fields should have the abbreviations of the desired language after the label, separated by a pipe (|) and grouped inside brackets.
Example: Text-html[en|pt]

At the moment, only english (en), portuguese (pt), spanish (es) and french (fr) are supported.


Basic Article Page: (filename:
Date-date, Title-title, Article-text, Allow_Comment-check

Photo Gallery: (filename: Gallery)
Order-ord, Caption-line, Image-file

Generic List: (filename: Products)
Order-ord, Name-title, Description, Size-sel[Big|Medium|Small]

Multi-lingual Page: (filename:
Heading-title[en|pt], Date-date, Body-text[en|pt]

Download the examples

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